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FIBS - Anna Meredith

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I heard Anna Meredith's music first as the soundtrack to the Netflix series Living With Yourself, starring the ageless Paul Rudd opposite himself. Her heavy electronic minimalist style gave the perfect complement to the show's very eerie (and sometimes uneasy) topics. I highly recommend checking out the show, provided you're in the right mindset to question your reality and your sense of self.

But this recommendation is first and foremost about Anna Meredith's music, specifically the album FIBS from 2019. The use of processed acoustic instruments creates a unique electronic style that goes further than you expect every time. The vocals on some of the tracks serve the role not just of providing words, but sometimes as another instrument in the ensemble.

Be sure to also check out her other music including the album Varmits (which includes some of the music from Living With Yourself), and her newest collaboration Bumps per Minute

Favorite Tracks: Sawbones, Inhale Exhale, Calion

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